Inside a horses passport.

Like humans horses have passports. You identify a horse is by looking at its sex, colour, markings and microchip; all of which are recorded in the passport on what we call a ‘sketch’. Another key bit information found in a horses passport is its vaccination record which is particularly important given the recent outbreaks of equine influenza virus.

So what does a passport look like?

The image to the left is a photo of the front cover of an equine passport. Passports vary in colour and size depending on the breed of the horse; this passport is for a Welsh Cob and has been issued by the Welsh Pony & Cob society.

What will you find inside a passport?

  • Sketch of the horses markings

  • Written explanation of the markings present

  • Vaccination record

  • Microchip number

Sketch of the markings

Sketch of the markings

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 20.19.44.jpg

The photo above illustrates the specific markings of an individual horse


Colour: Black

Head markings: large star and extending blaze involving left nostril. Flesh mark on upper and lower lip

Forelegs and hooves:

Left / nearside: white too three quarter cannon & white hoof.

Right. offside: white to knee and white hoof

Hindlimb & hooves

Left/ nearside: white too three quarter cannot. White hoof

Right/ offside: white too three quarter cannot & white hoof

Body: white line under belly.


Vaccination record

The primary course of vaccinations consists of three vaccinations and then horses require a yearly booster. Recently, some horses have been having 6 monthly vaccination if they are travelling to shows/ competitions to reduce the risk of contacting equine influenza.