“I came all the way from Canada to attend the pre vet course and launder Farm certainly did not disappoint!”

I came all the way from Canada to attend the pre vet course and Launder Farm certainly did not disappoint! From the moment they picked me up at the hotel I felt so welcomed. We had such a wide variety of experiences, I don’t think I could’ve had such valuable hands-on teaching anywhere else. I had so much fun at Launder Farm thanks to the wonderful staff, amazing interactive learning and the beautiful country side I got to experience all this on. To anyone who gets the opportunity to attend one of their courses I highly recommend it, I couldn’t have gotten the same experience anywhere else!

  • Abigail Penny- Pre Vet 2019 course attendee.

”I learnt so much and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone”

Such an amazing experience, Becky and Matt were so lovely and kind, always making sure we got the chance to do everything and that we understood it all. I learnt so much and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone. Unlike any other course I’ve done/heard of and I was very impressed. Thank you!

Kitiana Wright- Pre Vet 2019 course attendee.

“It was an invaluable first step in his Veterinary career”

Our son had a truly rewarding day with Matthew. He enjoyed a lot of hands-on experience and is now very confident handling sheep. Matthew was an excellent teacher and our son learned a great deal from him. It was an invaluable first step in his veterinary career.

— Alan Hamlett (father of sheep course attendee)- July 2019

“Everywhere you turn there’s animals to work with and opportunities to learn.”

I've been going to Launder Farm since my first year at vet school, right through to my final year, and I think I've learnt more about livestock management at Launder farm than I ever have in lectures!

The farm is the perfect environment to learn, especially if you're lacking in farm experience like I was. Its a low pressure environment; Matt, Becky and Liz are really patient and never make you feel like your question is a silly one. Plus it's reassuring to get your mistakes out of the way in a relaxed atmosphere, before you get to vet school. Everywhere you turn, there's animals to work with and opportunities to learn; sheep, dogs, pigs, horses (and two grumpy goats). Matt, Becky and Liz are brilliant teachers and love to get you hands on as soon as possible. Before you know it you're getting stuck in and feel like part of the family.

— Rhain Jeffreys - RVC 5th year BVetMed .

“Perfect placement to start of my veterinary degree!”

Lambing was my first placement as a vet student. Having just moved to London from Ireland, the idea of going to Wales to work on a farm with people that I had never met was a bit daunting! But Matt and his family were so welcoming and made the whole trip so much easier, from picking us up at the train station, to accommodating us, feeding us buckets of tea and biscuits and just making sure that we were as comfortable as possible.

In terms of the farm life, this was a great place to become better acquainted with farm animals having done very little of it previously. Although the farm is mainly sheep, Matt also has several pigs, goats and horses. We were able to go around with the vet who pregnancy diagnosed several horses as well as get learning about their general husbandry and nutrition. Matt and Becky were very keen to take five and explain the different ingredients in the food, in the various medicines or vaccines, and to just explain the reasons behind doing different things. It really created an environment where we didn’t feel like a burden for asking questions and really got to understand the functioning of the farm as a whole.

On the lambing side, because Matt owns different types of sheep, we were able to spend a lot of time outdoors across the various fields (we had some snow, but it was fantastic!) while also getting a bunch of experience indoors. Basically, we were able to see the full spectrum of a lambing enterprise! I really appreciated getting to know all the aspects of the farm, especially compared to some of my classmates who spent 12 hours indoors lambing without getting any other insights on the agricultural industry. Overall this was the perfect placement to start off my veterinary degree (and probably one of the ones where I learnt the most and had the most hands-on experience). And would be a great placement to introduce you to the husbandry side of the veterinary course if you’re thinking of going in that direction.

— Clara Valderrama- RVC 3rd year BVetMed

“Invaluable hands on experience in stud work”

I gained invaluable hands on experience in stud work and handling young stock and stallions during my time at Skelwith Stud. They breed quality horses with soundness and performance in mind.

— Harriet Critchley

“Help and encouragement provided throughout”

Last Easter I was given the opportunity to complete a lambing placement at Launder farm. I had no experience with lambing and was extremally apprehensive. Fortunately, the farmer (Matt) was more than happy to provide help and encouragement throughout. Furthermore, Matt wanted to ensure that we gained as much as possible from the experience, by purposefully making time out of his busy schedule to sit with us and inform us about the wider aspects of lambing. This included going over the differences in breeds of sheep and why some breeds are better suited for different environments, as well as running through the basic finances involved in lambing and the issues surrounding antibiotic overuse. In these sessions it was clear that Matt was genuinely passionate about being a farmer, overall, making my first experience of lambing extremally enjoyable.

— Isobel Keen