The perfect experience for Vet school applicants

Launder Farm Pre Vet experience is a taster course that will provide skills that people hoping to enter Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Nursing can take forward and use to apply for further work experience placements. The course is based in Mid Wales and will be running throughout the summer holidays. We have a directory of Farms that will consider validated pre vet students with some basic animal husbandry skills so we can help successful course attendants find farm work experience following the course.

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The dairy farm experience includes:
- A tour of a 350 cow dairy farm including housing and handling facilities.
- Seminar on milk production, calf management, farmer goals and the role of vets on a dairy farm
- Discussion on hot topics (great vet school interview prep!) : Bovine TB, antimicrobial resistance, nutrition, cattle passports, moving cattle & movement restrictions.
- 1 hour milking cows
- 1 hour calf feeding and handling

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The sheep experience includes:
- Seminar on the sheep production in the UK.
- Moving sheep using different types of sheep dogs (Huntaways and Collies).
- Sheep handing- racing and sorting.
- Practical session with adult sheep: Tipping sheep and clinical exam- ageing, body condition scoring, hoof assessment, fertility assessment on tups & ewes.
- Practical sessions on lambing essentials: lambing simulator to practice correcting malpresentation, banding tails, castrating, and ear tagging.



The equine experience includes:
- Seminar and practical on equine behaviour including spotting signs of colic.
- Safe handling practical and seminar- forms of restraint in mares and stallions, approaching, picking up hooves, moving in and out of stocks.
- How to sessionโ€ฆ Includes: putting on a head collar, stable bandages, tail bandage, moving horses.
- Combined practical and seminar on the equine lameness examination

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The pigs experience includes:
- Tour of pig production sheds.
- Discussion on pig husbandry and disease.  
- Pig handling
- Seminar on the reproductive cycle.

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The chicken experience includes:
- Chicken handling- how to pick up a chicken and check for disease.
- Clinical examination of the chicken.
- Chicken husbandry

Course information

  • Attendees must be aged 16+.

  • Course includes: all teaching materials, protective clothing (if required), and lunch both days.

  • Not included: Accommodation. Details of local accommodation can be provided upon request.

  • Dates for 2020:

    August 12th & 13th 2020

    August 17th & 18th 2020