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It all started whenโ€ฆ

Launder Farm is a first generation farm established by Matthew Launder in 2012. It is an Upland farm located in Llanerfyl, Mid Wales, focusing on producing high quality Cheviot breeding stock for commercial and pedigree markets.

The flock size currently sits at 1000 breeding females and is growing year on year. The ewes are running on ground 700-1500ft above sea level and are lambed at the end of April.  Launder Farm is keen to stay ahead of the game and records estimated breeding values of the entire flock; replacements and breeding rams are selected based on this data.

Launder farm has an staw based pig rearing and finishing unit. The farm artificially inseminates all its own sows and gilts, farrows and finishes the pigs so you will get to see everything from piglets to finished pigs should you come and visit the farm.