Equine Farriery and Lameness Course

The course involvesโ€ฆ

  • Handling session & health and safety briefing.

  • Seminar on the anatomy of the equine limb including a detailed explanation of the role of the laminae.

  • Practical on farriery that includes:
    - How to approach and handle the foot when performing farriery.
    - Case workshop involves detailed explanation and group discussion about the approach to farriery in horses with varying hoof and limb conformation, ages (foals upwards), and activity levels.
    - Shoe removal practical. This is a unique opportunity to have a go at removing a shoe from a dead leg/model legs. It is an essential skill for vet school and is very difficult to practice out in clinics on live horses.

  • Laminitis first aid practical and seminar. The approach to acute laminitis and practical tips and recommendations that can be performed before the farrier or vet arrives to make the horse more comfortable.

  • Puss in the foot practical and seminar. Puss in the foot is a common cause of lameness in horses. The seminar will talk through why the puss causes lameness and the practical element will involve learning how to apply a poultice to a dead/model leg.

Course cost: ยฃ99

Course date: 26th October 2019

Meet the team


Farrier- Elgan

Elgan is a champion Welsh farrier with over 20 years experience. Elgan has been teaching farriery student for a number of years now and is extremely excited to be teaching on the Equine Farriery and Lameness Course.